Clients have a very positive experience with AXIS and we take enormous pride in delivering top quality services to all our clients.

“AXIS has been an excellent market access partner that guided the Teva team to navigate the complex pathway to reimbursement of their new medicine for migraines. From the development of a robust Rapid Review to the preparation of a full HTA, through strategic pricing discussions with the HSE and the follow-up interactions with the MMP, AXIS were always highly responsive, dependable, detail orientated and dedicated to our success. Their exceptional project management ensured that commitments made were
always delivered on time and to the highest quality”.

Clodagh Kevans
Director of Speciality Business – Teva Pharmaceuticals- May 2022

“AXIS has been a superb partner to us on our journey to successful reimbursement of our new
Oncology medicine in Ireland. The team have an expert knowledge of the Irish pathway that’s drawn from their many years of working in the area. The strategic support provided to us throughout the pricing discussions with the HSE was instrumental in securing reimbursement”.

Dr Robert Mulrooney
General Manager -UK & Ireland – Beigene – May 2022

“Almirall have engaged AXIS Consulting on a number of occasions in recent years. They have considerable expertise in market access strategy, navigating the pricing and reimbursement landscape and we have found AXIS to be totally reliable, responsive to all project requirements and highly organised. Most importantly AXIS have been able to advise us on important next steps within often complex processes and work with us to shape the information we want to present so it better meets the needs and expectations of intended recipients. I would very happily recommend AXIS to anyone needing expert advice and support with Market Access for Ireland”.

Richard Stork
Head of Market Access – Almirall UK & Ireland – May 2020

“I cannot recommend AXIS highly enough. We faced a very challenging reimbursement application process in Ireland, which is a market where the organisation had no prior experience or expertise. AXIS expertly navigated us through a complex procedure with the NCPE and HSE, providing both content and contextual expertise. They ensured that both our clinical and health economic cases were optimised to the local market environment, represented us with local stakeholders, and helped us navigate a difficult price negotiation. The experience was highly collaborative, working with us as part of a cross functional team and not in a client-vendor relationship. The final result was a highly successful reimbursement outcome for an orphan medication that exceeded objectives both in terms of scope and commercial conditions. If you need a local partner in Ireland look no further”.

Geoff Wyatt
Head of Market Access Neuroscience – Jazz Pharmaceuticals- May 2022

“ALK-Abello engaged AXIS to develop a Rapid Review dossier in order to ensure a highly compelling Irish reimbursement submission. AXIS’s expertise, knowledge and insights in terms of addressing the specific requirements of the NCPE proved invaluable, with the subsequent submission resulting in the rare NCPE recommendation for the HSE to reimburse our medicine immediately following the Rapid Review stage”.

Paul Radford
National Projects Manager – ALK-Abello – March 2020

“The AXIS team supported us throughout the entire submission process including development of our Rapid Review dossier, full HTA & Pricing Negotiations which all led to a successful reimbursement outcome in Ireland. The team’s expertise and experience of NCPE submissions ensured that our HTA was of an exceptionally high standard and importantly, was delivered on time”.

Paul Byrne
General Manager – Ipsen Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

“Working with AXIS is a daily experience of professionalism, dedication and knowledge. Most of all, it has been an enriching experience for our company as well as a unique growth opportunity. AXIS has a team of competent, dedicated professionals who are true partners of our business, in an ethical and sustainable way. AXIS always has the perspective for the solution and not of the problem, without ever hiding the potential problem of this area, but always finding the best solution for my company. Our partnership with AXIS will certainly be for the long-term!”

Nelson Pires
General Manager – Recordati UK

“Brenda has been a superb partner in helping Consilient Health navigate an ever changing and complex market access environment. Brenda and her team have a deep understanding of the Irish health care environment and this is reflected in all the projects that we have completed with AXIS Consulting, from the development and submission of the more traditional pharmacy-economic assessment to the generation of customer insights through the design and delivery of meaningful market research. Brenda is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to help and advise”.

Deirdre Kelly
County Manager – Consilient Health

“Astellas Ireland engaged AXIS Consulting to help us develop a strategic market access plan. Integral to this process were a number of stakeholders mapping workshops proposed and facilitated by Brenda. We found these workshops an invaluable tool in building our understanding of the new non-traditional stakeholders for our business. Our European colleagues were particularly impressed with the comprehensive approach adopted in the workshops and the quality of the final stakeholder engagement plan subsequently developed for Ireland”.

Market Access Manager – Astellas Ireland

Testimonials from attendees of our Masterclasses

“The MasterClass really showcased AXIS Consulting deep knowledge and understanding of the Irish Health system and how best to navigate it – congratulations on a great endeavour.”

March 2021, Virtual Masterclass Attendee

“As a returning delegate to the Axis Healthcare Consulting Masterclass, I can highly recommend this as the go-to event for the most up to date overview of the Irish Healthcare landscape. This Masterclass provides an opportunity to engage with long-established experts in health economics, research and the reimbursement pathway vital to successful market access in Ireland. AXIS continue to invite excellent senior guest speakers from within the HSE, providing insightful perspectives on current healthcare challenges. Whether a newcomer or a returning delegate-this Masterclass is a quality event not to be missed!”

March 2021, Virtual Masterclass Attenddee

“Excellent masterclass with a broad overview of market access in Ireland in 2021. I would highly recommend it to all Pharma personnel.”

Pippa Quigley
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals – March 2021, Virtual Masterclass Attendee

“Thanks so much for two excellent sessions. I haven’t attended anything as interesting, valuable and useful as these sessions for a very long time.”

Patricia Keegan
Head of Market Access, UK & Ireland – Jazz Pharmaceuticals – September 2020, Virtual Masterclass Attenddee

“Comprehensive, succinct overview of the complexities of the Irish reimbursement environment.”

Alan Long
ALK-Abello – September 2020, Virtual Masterclass Attendee

“An excellent and very insightful course with so much detail of the Irish marketplace and how to overcome the challenges and avoid delays.”

September 2020, Virtual Masterclass Attendee

“Brenda and the team at AXIS are clearly experts on the Irish market access landscape and reimbursement processes. Their insights, supplemented by the voices of high profile external guest speakers, made the masterclass hugely valuable as my colleagues and I embark on our journey of trying to secure reimbursement for our orphan medicines in Ireland.”

September 2020, Virtual Masterclass Attendee

Today’s Masterclass was an excellent insight into the complexities of the Irish PRMA. Professionally delivered, completely engaging. A programme that I believe should be mandatory for any pharma company launching new medicines in Ireland. Thank you to Brenda and all your amazing Team!

Nikki Buckley
Healthcare and Access Partner – UCB – March 2020, Live Masterclass Attendee

Extremely useful insightful day to understand the complexities of reimbursement within Ireland. Would recommend for all considering bringing product into the Irish Market.

Dave Faulkner
Managing Director – Star Medical – March 2020, Live Masterclass Attendee

The AXIS consulting Market Access Masterclass is an excellent and extremely relevant overview of the Irish reimbursement process. Highly recommended, especially if you are about to engage with the HSE on reimbursement of products.

March 2020, Live Masterclass Attendee

Great insights into the reimbursement of medicine in the Irish market. The insights on the day from the AXIS team and guest speakers was extremely useful and insightful.

James Quinn
General Manager – Star Medical – March 2020, Live Masterclass Attendee

This was the single most useful day to gain understanding of the HTA process and the organisational structure of the HSE and it’s inner complexities.

March 2020, Live Masterclass Attendee

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