Axis Consulting is Ireland’s leading provider of Health Technology Assessments. We provide data collection, rapid review dossiers, the adaption of cost-effective models and HTA dossier development.

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Data Collection

Economic models for reimbursement submissions require a range of data inputs which need to be representative of the healthcare system in question. Data collection can pose significant challenges as epidemiological and cost data are often not centralised in one publicly accessible database, and even when centrally available, a range of data points have to be combined in an evidence-based manner in order to generate accurate model specific data inputs. At AXIS we take the arduous task of data collection away from our clients by utilising our detailed in-house databases and our extensive network of stakeholders in order to compile high-quality data collection files in a timely and efficient manner.

rapid review dossiers by axis consulting

Rapid Review

Since 2009, the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE) considers the cost-effectiveness of all new medicines and in practice, all new medicines are subjected to a preliminary rapid review. AXIS offers expert development of rapid review dossiers, with a focus on key template areas and the provision of Irish specific insights, guidance and supporting documentation. Development of a professional and robust rapid review dossier is essential for either affording the opportunity to avoid a full HTA; or to enable a favourable HTA scoping meeting with the NCPE.

adaptation of cost-effectiveness models with axis consulting

Adaptation of Cost-effectiveness Models

Our highly skilled HTA managers have extensive experience in adapting global cost-effectiveness models to the requirements and specifications of the various HTA bodies in Ireland and the UK. A crucial step on the path to reimbursement is the accurate and effective recalibration of cost-effectiveness models to ensure the economic analysis is representative of the country specific decision problem. Effective and accurate adaptation helps to minimise potential discrepancies in economic analyses and ensure a timelier and more efficient route through the HTA process.

recalibration of budget impact models by axis consulting

Recalibration of Budget Impact Models

Budget Impact Models are an integral tool for payers and decision makers on reimbursement applications. Decision makers within healthcare systems look to Budget Impact Models to assess the affordability of new health technologies. Ensuring that model inputs are country-specific and relevant to the local healthcare setting is critical to any Budget Impact assessment. The AXIS team has extensive experience of adapting both Global Budget Impact Models appropriate for different healthcare systems and across a range of different disease areas.

hta dossier development by axis consulting

HTA Dossier

In addition to adapting economic models for reimbursement submissions, AXIS offers expert development of high-quality HTA dossiers with both pre and post-submission support, including attendance at scoping meetings, preparation of complete HTA dossiers for submission and the development of responses to address HTA agency questions. The AXIS team understand the specific requirements of HTA bodies and has an excellent track record of developing and submitting HTA dossiers to HTA agencies in Ireland (NCPE) and the UK (Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) and All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG).

dossier critique


With our extensive expertise in HTA and pharmacoeconomic evaluations to agencies such as NCPE and SMC, AXIS is uniquely positioned to offer guidance and feedback on the writing and construction of rapid review and HTA dossiers. Harnessing our expert insights, we offer dossier critique services where dossiers developed by clients undergo a complete review and using our unrivalled experience we highlight where the dossier can be strengthened including structure and content guidance which ensures a timely and efficient path through the reimbursement process.

See What Our Customers Have To Say

The AXIS team supported us throughout the entire submission process including development of our Rapid Review dossier, full HTA & Pricing Negotiations which all led to a successful reimbursement outcome in Ireland. The team’s expertise and experience of NCPE submissions ensured that our HTA was of an exceptionally high standard and importantly, was delivered on time.

Paul Byrne General Manager – Ipsen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Item Reviewed July 19, 2021

ALK-Abello engaged AXIS to develop a Rapid Review dossier in order to ensure a highly compelling Irish reimbursement submission. AXIS’s expertise, knowledge and insights in terms of addressing the specific requirements of the NCPE proved invaluable, with the subsequent submission resulting in the rare NCPE recommendation for the HSE to reimburse our medicine immediately following the Rapid Review stage.

Paul Radford National Projects Manager – ALK-Abello Item Reviewed March 29, 2020

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