Irish Health & Market Access Landscape Report 2021

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A comprehensive and insightful report on the Irish Health System.

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In the context of the current cost-saving environment, successfully navigating the complex Irish reimbursement landscape can be challenging without local knowledge and expertise, both in terms of understanding who the key agencies are and how they interact, and the reimbursement process itself. Arming yourself with the most up to date, on the ground local knowledge and expertise is a first step on the pathway to success. Written by the experts in AXIS, this 42-page report provides essential signposts with clear directions to help you navigate the complex pathway to reimbursement in Ireland.

β€œThe Irish Health & Market Access Landscape Report 2021 from AXIS Consulting includes a superb synopsis of the Irish Health Social Care system, Public Healthcare schemes, budget and health expenditure and the crucially important reimbursement pathway. For any pharmaceutical company looking for a competitive edge and planning to launch new medicines into the Irish market, this report delivers a complete roadmap of the Irish reimbursement process, the governing bodies and regulations you will need to navigate and the key stakeholders to engage with. Even for seasoned Market Access professionals accustomed to the Irish healthcare system, this is still an essential report sharing the most up to date, reliable insights, statistics and forecasts, crucial to understanding the complex and shifting environment in Ireland today” – Nikki Buckley, Healthcare & Access Partner UCB Pharma, April 2021

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