Irish Health & Market Access Landscape Report 2021

Irish Health & Market Access Landscape Report 2021

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A comprehensive report on the Irish Health System.

In the context of the current cost saving environment, successfully navigating the complex Irish reimbursement landscape can be challenging without local knowledge and expertise, both in terms of understanding who the key agencies are and how they interact, and the reimbursement process itself.



Executive Summary

The Irish health system is ‘two-tier’, comprising of both public and private healthcare. The system is primarily funded by the tax-financed public tier, known as the Health Service Executive (HSE). However, there is also significant private out-of-pocket spending, mainly in primary care, in addition to private health insurance.

For Irish citizens receiving public healthcare, the HSE delivers a number of benefits and schemes that provide subsidised or free care for certain groups. Payments to GPs, dentists, pharmacists and other professionals who provide free or reduced cost services to the public via these schemes, are processed by the HSE’s Primary Care Eligibility & Reimbursement Service (PCERS).