Advisory boards & think tanks

Market research including in depth interviews and focus groups

Literature reviews

Development of budget impact models

Statistics, data analysis
and meta-analysis

Micro-costing analysis, time
in motion studies

Evidence based reports including feasibility studies, critical appraisal & Pharmacoeconomics reports

We provide support with clinical, health economic, epidemiology and outcomes research to develop evidence that helps to quantify product value to key stakeholders.

“Working wish AXIS is a daily experience of professionalism, dedication and knowledge. Most of all, it has been an enriching experience for our company as well as a unique growth opportunity. AXIS has a team of competent, dedicated professionals who are true partners of our business, in an ethical and sustainable way. AXIS always has the perspective of the solution and not of the problem, without ever hiding the potential problems of this area, but always finding the best solutions for my company. Our partnership with AXIS will certainly be for the long-term!”

Nelson Ferreira Pires, General Manager
Recordati UK/Ireland/Portugal, March 2019

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)